Our Team

Our Team

Our strength and success lies in the hands of a team of qualified and experienced industry professionals

With over three decades of experience in the field of pre-employment medical certification, we employee none but the best of the lot. Our employees go through a number of intense interviews and skills testing to ensure that only professionally-qualified and skilled personnel are recruited. Our team guaranteed first-class medical services without compromising on quality.

We assure employee motivation in the following ways.

  • Providing a working environment that embodies the hard work and strong ethics.
  • Providing comprehensive training and development programs tailor-made for our employees.
  • Ensuring performance-related incentives and remuneration benefits.
  • Contributing to healthcare, pension and health insurance schemes.
  • Providing hardship funds and gifts for marriage and birth through our Employee Benefit Trust.

A strong team of motivated employees ensure that high-quality standards are maintained in each and every service we provide to our clients.